The Better Way For Pharmacies And Prescribers To Communicate
Innovative technology solutions for containing costs
Managing prescription drug costs for pharmacies continues to be a critical business issue.  The costs of communicating with physicians for prescription clarification continue to increase.   The frustration of physicians replying to these calls and faxes escalates. The solution lies in the ability to communicate using proven innovative technology.

The RXP Portal facilitates more efficient communication between pharmacy and doctor
Using the RXP Portal, doctors can now send pharmacies the answers they need to further process the prescription order without calling or faxing. Rx Paperless' RXP Portal service is a patent-pending online network that facilitates more efficient and faster communication between pharmacy and doctor.  Utilizing this service will save pharmacies millions of dollars annually and, at the same time, save prescribers thousands of dollars annually.

Integrating the RXP Portal option, into your pharmacy management software will allow direct communication between pharmacists and doctors. The pharmacist chooses the RXP Portal option and prescription clarification questions are electronically transmitted to the prescribing doctor via the RXP Network. 

Using a computer or smart phone the doctor downloads and installs software via the internet.  This software is easy to use, fast and flexible.   The doctor logs into the RXP Portal using safe, private and secure encryption technology to answer the questions.

Pharmacy integration
We are currently working with pharmacies to integrate the RXP Portal solution into their existing software. Our goal is to have the top 10 pharmacies using the RXP Portal to add value to participating prescribers.

  This system will tremendously decrease the processing costs to pharmacies as well as increase the efficiencies in the doctors' office. 

Leo Hans, RPh
CEO Rx Paperless, LLC